altar-serverAltar Servers

What does it mean to serve the altar?

Being a server means serving God and his people at Mass. That is what makes serving Mass worth doing, and worth doing well.That is what makes good servers want to do their best.

The name server clearly points out what what they do at Mass: serve God and his people by helping the priest who represent Jesus Christ at the last Supper, so when you help the priest you are helping Jesus. Also serving the altar you praise God as well.


The altar servers are called “acolytes” which is a minor order for those who are studying to be a priest and there duties are to light the candles on the altar, to carry them in procession, and during the solemn singing of the Gospel; to prepare wine and water for the sacrifice of the Mass; and to assist the sacred ministers at the Mass, and other public services of the church. This minor office is giving by the bishop. Today the acolytes are called altar servers and we not only have boys but also girls, who serve the altar of God.

Serving at the Eucharist and at the various liturgical celebrations, you draw directly from the wells of salvation the strength necessary to live well today and then also to face your future more energetically.

At ICC we have a great number of boys and girls that serve the altar and other religious ceremonies. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Fr. Rolando 201-863-4840.