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August 13th is the official Feast Day of Blessed Father McGivney, patron and founder of the Knights of Columbus. Bl. Fr. McGivney was born on August 12, 1852 and passed away on August 14, 1890 (aged 38) from the pandemic during his time: Tuberculosis. Bl. Fr. McGivney was Beatified on October 31, 2020 at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Hartford, Connecticut by Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin (on behalf of Pope Francis). This Cathedral is the Diocese Seat for the Bl. Fr. McGivney’s shrine that also was the final parish church he served at during his life as a Priest and also where he founded the Knights (Church of Saint Mary in New Haven, Connecticut). He is known to intercede especially in four areas: Employment and finances; Substance abuse; Family reconciliation; and Return to the faith. Interested in joining the Knights of Columbus? Sign up online at Use Promo Code MCGIVNEY2020 for one year of free membership. Our local Council is 12769. begun, and had begun happily with a soft blue sky, and a calm sea.

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